Who We Are

Our Purpose:

To encourage people to build a love relationship with God
by SPEAKING and LISTENING to him daily.

He’s SPEAKING! Are we LISTENING? Ministry started in 2009. With the prayers and support of our friends, we present a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love for people worldwide.

  • We provide Inside Outside LIFE Makeover – Journeys with God devotionals that applies biblical truth to different aspects of life.
  • We encourage people to create a place in their home or office called My Listening Room. This is a special place to spend time SPEAKING and LISTENING to God on a daily basis.

Our founder, Robin Gove, is author of a book titled He’s SPEAKING! Are we LISTENING? which describes her journey of learning to spend time with God. She is also author of the Inside Outside LIFE Makeover – Journeys with God devotionals.

A quote from her book, Robin writes, “My twenty-year journey of learning to listen to God’s voice was challenging, tumultuous, and deeply frustrating but also rewarding and awe-inspiring. Many times I felt like giving up on everything I was doing and I berated myself for going against God’s will. Through many life lessons, God taught me the true value of listening. I learned that God is faithful and does not give up on us. I truly learned to listen and trust God.”

You can purchase this book at the following places.