What is A Listening Room

What is My LISTENING Room?

It’s a place to
get away from your busy life to spend time—



We can talk to God anywhere, all day long if we want to. It is wonderful that we have instant access to our heavenly Father.   However, sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in all the activities of the day that we run out of time and realize we have missed our alone time with God.   A time to read the Bible; a time to SPEAK and LISTEN to God. That is why we encourage you to create a LISTENING Room in your home or office.  By creating a place that is comfortable, relaxing, and quiet and setting a specific time each day, you will be more likely to spend time with God on a daily basis.

So….Imagine yourself at the entry door of a room(space).  You have designed this room(space) exactly the way you like it.  Your Bible is in your hand.  You want to concentrate on what you are reading and enjoy peace and serenity.  You open the door and look around.  What do you see?

We have invited people to share what their Listening Room would look like.

My room would have many windows with the bright sun shining through.  As I would gaze outside, it would be peaceful and quiet.  God’s creation would be everywhere I look. The windows would be open. A gentle breeze could be felt throughout the room. I would be all alone.

My room would be in the basement of my house. It would be in a corner of the room away from everything. A lava lamp would be sitting on the table.  I’d sit on a long soft couch with a warm blanket over me. There would be a soft light above my head, just enough to see the words in my Bible.

My room is a closet in my bedroom. I have a green leather chair in the center, with my clothes hanging on either side.   I have my favorite pictures on the wall immediately as you walk into the room. It’s dark, quiet and inspiring.


Do these descriptions prompt your thinking to what your Listening Room would be like?  Take a few minutes to think about it and then write a description of your Listening Room. Once you have your ideas, begin working at designing your Listening Room in your home or office. You might not have a lot of space, but get creative.  Anything is possible.  Once you have your Listening Room ready, decide what is the best time of day to go into your Listening Room to spend time with God.  Now write a letter to God telling him of your commitment to spend time with Him in your Listening Room on a daily basis. 

Listen to our Ministry Theme Song while you are thinking about creating your own Listening Room

Send us your story and a photo of your Listening Room to share with others on our web site.