Create My Listening Room at Home!

1.  Look for out-of-the-way places in your home that would be appropriate for your quiet space.  Consider an entire room, if you are fortunate enough to have that kind of space.  Sun porches or four season rooms are ideal for listening to God.  Even a closet that isn’t being used for necessary storage can be decorated in an inviting way.  Corners in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms are perfect.  And don’t forget the basement!  If it is warm and dry, a lovely space can be created and certainly no one will bother you there!

2.  Next look for a comfortable chair (and a footstool, if you have one).  Lovingly used chairs of your own, or one you pick up at a great price, can be transformed by a beautiful cozy throws or blanket.  Wingback chairs are especially good as they surround you and tend to block your from sights and sounds.

3.  Look for a nice table to be placed next to the chair.  The table must be large enough to hold a good reading lamp (unless using a floor lamp), your Bible and other inspirational books, a scented candle and a nice cup of tea is a nice touch.  If no table is available from your own inventory, consider purchasing a press-board round table from a linens store, and cover it with a pretty tablecloth.

This is all you need for your quiet, relaxing LISTENING time with God.  Optional items would be living plants, pictures that offer pleasure at a glance, and a bookcase.

He’s SPEAKING! Are we LISTENING? Ministry offers daily  – Journey with God Devotionals on this website that can be used on your computer during your prayer time.

We welcome pictures of your Listening Room/Space to share with others on this page.