Create My Listening Room at the Office!

“Take Five” with God at Work

Perhaps you are working full-time and just don’t seem to have the time to speak to God.  Try to get up 10 minutes earlier each morning and talk with God in your newly-created LISTENING area at home.  However, you can speak to God anywhere including your workplace too.

Whether you have your own office (ideal for setting up a “LISTENING Area”), or in a cubicle, or in an open desk area, you can “Take Five” with God.  If you have your own office, follow the steps for creating your LISTENING Room.  If you are enclosed in a cubicle, take one corner and remove all items that remind you of your work.  Since space is limited, purchase a small round or square table, approximately 6-8″ diameter, and place it near one wall.  It is most desirable to have a small table with a shelf below for books.  If space allows, a small lamp for ambient lighting is wonderful.  The table top will be for your drink, or perhaps a cup of tea.  Now, just roll back from your desk, or remain at your desk chair and “Take Five”.

Sitting out in the open area and listening to God is a little more challenging, but not impossible.  If your desk space allows, one or two green plants begins this transition.  A small, scented battery powered candle can take you away mentally.  A small Rolodex with inspirational writings or Bible verses placed on your desk can be a great way to enhance your listening time with God, and a comfort all day long.  At break time, get your drink, take a deep breath, be still and listen for God’s voice.

He’s SPEAKING! Are we LISTENING? Ministry offers Journey with God Devotionals on this website that can be used on your computer during your prayer time or if you would prefer you can download and print a written version.  No one need know you are having your alone time with God and hopefully your employer allows you a couple of break times a day.